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What Helps Irritated Eyes?

A man taking off his glasses and rubbing his eye due to irritated eyes

Eye irritation is a common eye complaint with typical accompanying symptoms such as redness, itching, or dry eyes. Depending on the cause, you can also experience other symptoms.  For example, if you have a foreign body in the eye causing irritation, this can constitute an eye emergency. Common irritants usually cause temporary discomfort. However, if […]

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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes Without Eye Drops

A close-up image of a woman's red eye

What Causes Red Eyes? Seeing red can be alarming, especially when bloodshot or pinkish eyes are recurring. Eye redness can be a symptom of multiple conditions. Some common causes include: Allergies Broken blood vessels Contact lens wear Dry eyes Eye infections Eye inflammation Eye damage or injury  Photokeratitis (eye sunburn) Using alcohol or cannabis Eye […]

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Symptoms Of Cataracts

Unless you know the signs, you may not even notice at first that you have a cataract. These can often develop so slowly that you don’t realize that you need more light to read, you’re suddenly concerned about driving at night, or you notice your vision has become foggy. Read More Original Article Source Credits:   Verywell […]

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Top 10 Foods For Healthy Eyes

People often believe that failing eyesight is an inevitable result of aging or eye strain. In truth, a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of eye health problems. Read More Original Article Source Credits:   MedicalNewsToday , https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/ Article Written By:  Zawn Villines Original Article Posted on:  March 17, 2018 Link to Original Article:  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321226 […]

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